Gettin’ Medieval on your butt!

Well, at least my Medieval job isn’t cleaning up the Mead Hall or something.

You Are a Playwright

You are a highly literate wordsmith. You love both reading and writing.

You are also a natural storyteller. You can turn a mediocre anecdote into a riveting tale.

You find people and all aspects of life fascinating. No topic is off limits for you.

In modern times, you would make a good filmmaker or novelist.


7 thoughts on “Gettin’ Medieval on your butt!

  1. You Are a Cartographer
    You have a wide range of knowledge and you’re very detail oriented.
    You have a photographic memory, and you remember places very well.

    Like a middle ages cartographer, you’re also very adventurous and curious about the world.
    In modern times, you would make a good non-fiction writer or scientist.

  2. Good grief, I got the cartographer too.
    I can live with that. Would have been fascinating in those days and times. Strange thing is…I love to explore maps.

  3. Admiral
    Troling for ass? Huh?

    Drawing a map for someone to find his or her latest butt whoopin’?

    Hey, stranger!
    Hmmm…maybe we’ve finally found a quiz you can’t argue. 🙂

    How about a cartographer that does executions on the side? I’m sure it is not a full-time job.


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