Not necessarily the sweetest kiss, in my book.

Not necessarily the sweetest kiss, in my book.

You like smooching?  I do (no tongue in public please).  Do you ever wonder why we kiss or how the whole kissing thing started?  No, me neither.  Actually, I just like it–think it is fun.  Well, my memories tell me its fun, as it has been a while.  I digress.  Did you know there are scientists that study kissing?  Yeah, there is always some person, given to way too much reason trying to explain why we do what we do.  (I’d rather just go with my feelings, but whatever.)

So the scientists say that kissing actually does help us choose “the one”.  I guess it is kind of like auditioning the person we would like to mate with (to use a technical term).  Not only that, kissing’s origins are believed to go back to the means by which mothers gave chewed up food to their infants.  Hey, makes that whole swapping gum thing not so gross, eh?

However, the point of the article I’m citing is more about what is experienced and the reasons why people kiss.

Females “wouldn’t dream” of having sex with someone without kissing first, and were also much more likely to emphasize kissing during and after sex, says Gallup. It suggests that “females are much more prone to use kissing as a mate-assessment device,” he says. And even within an ongoing relationship, they use kissing as a way to update and monitor its status, he says.

Men, by contrast, use kissing as a means to an end—that is, sex. They were far more willing to have sex without kissing, the study found, and while a bad first kiss can be a deal-breaker for both genders, men are more willing to go ahead and have sex with someone whose kiss is unpleasant.

Well, that’s because men are wired that way.  I think the sooner we all accept it, the better.  However, don’t think that there aren’t women out there who know that there is a time and place for the lingering stuff and the quick and dirty stuff.  Not much kissing happening with the quick stuff….because it is just about the sex.  What?

In any case, kissing is supposed to set the table, so to speak.

“At the moment of a kiss, there is a very complicated exchange of all kinds of different information,” says Gallup. Some of it is in chemical form. Contained in male saliva, for example, are small amounts of testosterone, which is known to boost libido in both genders. It’s possible, Gallup says, that repeated and prolonged exposure—that is, many makeout sessions over days and weeks and months—may increase the female’s sex drive. (That might explain why men prefer sloppier kisses than women, too—they’re trying to get her in the mood.)

(H/T:  MSN)

See, the only issue I had was with one guy that was a stingy kisser.  (I had the hugest crush on him–15 yrs. old–and after months of flirting, he finally kissed me.  What a freakin’ let down.  Meh.  He was a really bad kisser.)  Some of us like all types of kisses.

Whatever the case…I hope you all get a kiss this Valentine’s Day and that it knocks your socks off!  I hope it is full of those stress easing, mood altering chemical messages.  🙂

Hey, if I can’t have my fun, I hope someone does.

In honor of one of my favorite things in the world.  (God created some really nice stuff, didn’t he?)  Here is one of my favorite songs about kissing.

“You took the words right out of my Mouth”–Meatloaf
(The beginning is kind of creepy.)


3 thoughts on “S.W.A.K.

  1. Kissing is definitely a way of auditioning a guy.

    I mean, who’d want to be stuck with someone who was like kissing a wet jelly sammich all their lives?

    Gotta rule the wet jelly sammich kissers out early in dating. Heavy duty smooching before dinner and a movie is sometimes necessary. 😉

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