Six officers

Sadly, this evening, a sixth officer, in 16 months (seventh in two years), has been murdered in Philadelphia.  In listening to accounts of the young officer, John Pawlowski, he was a good man.  He was very young.  He and his new wife were expecting a child.  Please pray for their family, friends, colleagues, and for Wyatt.  This is his district,  again.  It just isn’t right or fair.  It is nothing short of evil and senseless.

police_officer_palowski_20090213214048891_320_240The link I’m providing is for FOX 29, a station that is also reporting the officer’s heroic acts from a few months ago, where he disarmed a criminal that was holding a bus at gunpoint.  I cannot imagine the emptiness and utter indescribable pain the PPD must feel.  Numbing.

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