Funniest thing, maybe not ever, but still funny.

I think it was yesterday…I was watching the news and Major Garrett of Fox News was reporting on Tim Geithner’s trip to Congress.  Lindsey Graham was rather snarky, and it cracked me up.  I wish I could find the exchange on video, because it is hilarious.  In any case, here’s the transcript:

GARRETT: Republicans accuse Geithner of dodging a day of reckoning by refusing to discuss how much taxpayers will have to spend in the future to stabilize ailing financial giants and prop up the housing market. Things got testy when Geithner was pressed for a housing number.

GEITHNER: Can’t tell you at this point but if we think there’s a good case for doing it, we’re going to come tell you how we’re going to do it.


GEITHNER: No, that’s not the case, senator. What I will not do is even if you are frustrated (ph) as to the details.

GRAHAM: I just don’t believe there’s enough money to fix housing and banking. I just wish you would say that.

(H/T:  Lexis/Nexis)

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