A bouquet with meaning…

adaisy3When people mention Valentine’s Day, most of us think of hearts and flowers.  I love flowers.  In fact, I worked at a florist for a brief time when I was in California.  However, I never knew the symbolism of flowers.  So, why not impress your sweetie with a bouquet and tell him or her just what all of those flowers mean…create a narrative of sorts as to why that person is special to you through the meaning of the flowers.  (Yeah, didn’t sound like a teacher, there, did I?)

Here are some examples of my favorite flowers.  Some might be more likely to be found in bouquets than others, but the creativity put into a gift like this will be greatly appreciated.  (You might want to steer clear of flowers with dark symbolic meanings.  Might kill the mood, otherwise.)

Take care of yourself for me; fragile passion; Chinese symbol of womanhood

Pink-I’ll never forget you.
Red-My heart aches for you; admiration.



True love; memories


Generous and devoted affection


Red Rose
Love; I love you

White Rose
Eternal love; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence

General-fame, charity; perfect lover
Red-believe me; declaration of love
Variegated-beautiful eyes
Yellow-hopeless love

Now, go show your honey what you think of him or her through something more than the last bouquet at the grocery store.  Heh.

(H/T:  800 Florals & Pioneer Thinking)


3 thoughts on “A bouquet with meaning…

  1. Which flower says, “I’m going to pretend that I don’t know you have allergies, so I’m giving them to you because I despise you and secretly I want to see your eyes turn red and watery and snot fly out your nose when you sneeze”?

    I’m such a romantic.

  2. Les
    I believe that would be the limberger cheese flower. Just a hunch, though.

    Just don’t send those to me, ok?

    Heh. I find marigolds an offensive flower, myself. (Dandelions mean that wishes come true…crazy, eh?)

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