Today’s post is brought to you by the number 12–ha, ha, ha

a-countWhen you were a youngster, did you ever wonder how the the Sesame Street and Muppets characters came into being?  Well, look no further.  I have found the top-secret, double-probation answers.  Sssshhhh…don’t tell anyone.  (Be sure to click on the names for footage of them.)

Elmo was an “extra red puppet just lying around.”  Crazy, huh?  It wasn’t until the puppeteer, Kevin Clash picked up the puppet and started applying a voice that the puppet was even given a second thought.  Millions of dollars later…

Count von Count
This is one of my favorite Muppets.  I used to be able to do a really good imitation of him, too.  The count that loves to count wasn’t always a playful number monger.  “He was able to hypnotize and stun people and he laughed in typical scary-villain-type fashion after completing a count of something and thunder and lightning would occur.”  I imagine that parents and kids would be a little spooked by this.

Swedish Chef
Now, this is a Muppet I can imitate, dead-on.  There is an actual Swedish chef that claims he was the inspriation for this fun character; however, it has never been proven.

Bert and Ernie
Despite people trying to make them gay, they are actually based on “The Odd Couple”–Felix and Oscar.

For the origins and first appearances of other puppets, click on the link.  Twenty of them were highlighted in the article.

(H/T:  CNN)


4 thoughts on “Today’s post is brought to you by the number 12–ha, ha, ha

  1. Folks tried to make Bert & Ernie gay? Geez, it was even apparent to me as a child they were Felix & Oscar.

    I love the Swedish Chef. Bee-sh-borsh-ca-be-borsh-ca-be-bork-bork-bork! Today we’re gonna cook a turkey lurkey! 😀

    Elmo was cute, but after my time and the Count always scared the snot out of me…as did the plant that was so mean. What was that plant’s name? I saw him awhile back and saw they’d made him nicer. He was mean in the 70s though.

  2. Snigs
    When I watch some of the shows that we watched as kids in the ’70s, I often wonder just how much drug use was going on behind the scenes of those programs. 😉

    I always loved when the band played. No surprise there, eh?

    Yes! When Elmo first became “big,” I saw him interviewed and thought it was the funniest thing.

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