Hey, you…over here…*wink*


Did you know that this is International Flirting Week?  (I learned that tidbit on my Facebook.)

I can’t say that I’ve learned the art of flirting.  Sometimes I think I flirt without knowing I’m flirting, because I don’t mean to do it.  Uh…yeah.  As you can see, I just don’t get it.

I’m not an astute judge of how others perceive me and whether or not they are flirting, so given my inability to recognize it, I thought I’d go looking for some tips.  Now, since most of you are married, you probably know what you are doing.  It all had to start with flirting, didn’t it?  Anyway, humor me.  I’m going to provide you all with some of the tips I found.  Who knows, maybe they will work for me.  Okay, stop laughing, Wyatt.

According to MSN, a few tips are…

1.  Start a conversation
You’ve spent any time with me you know I am pretty quiet and shy.  Once I warm up to the situation I’m okay, but I’m not real good at the talking thing.  If I have a couple of beers, I’m either showing my nervousness through moronic talk, or I’m playfully obnoxious…sometimes misunderstood.  I wish I was better at having a conversation; however, I am a really good listener.

Want a good example?  There was a guy in college that literally made my knees knock (never had that happen).  He knew I was interested in him, but I just couldn’t say more than, “hi.”  Every time we crossed paths, he’d ask why I didn’t just talk to him.  I couldn’t even answer him.  I’d smile, giggle, and just shrug my shoulders.

I’m hopeless.

2.  Use props
Hmmm…so, I can club a guy over the head and that’s flirting?  WOW!
Okay, the actual advice says that props can include dogs, kids, jewelry, cologne or perfume, or something that shows your interests.
Well, I don’t have a dog, don’t have kids to flaunt, I don’t wear perfume (my bath and body works spray gets lots of compliments from the menfolk, though), and I don’t feel like walking around with a copy of William Faulkner’s collected works.  Can’t I just club ’em?

3.  Make the first move
Yeah….that works.  /snark

4.  Eye contact
This is one thing I know I do.  Well, until I realize it gets noticed and then I look everywhere else but at the one I want to gaze at…so frustrating.

5.  Smile
I can do the smile and shoot a flirty look with the eyes, but I don’t think it translates.

Eh…I need some practice.

In the meantime, if you click HERE, you will find this week’s caption contest winners.


5 thoughts on “Hey, you…over here…*wink*

  1. According to most folks who know me, I could teach Flirting 101 thru Advanced Flirting.

    Aside from chalking my cue, I’ve never used “props” in flirting. #4 though, that’s the one to work on girl. When someone notices, get even more intent with your gaze and throw #5 in liberally. 😉

    And if all else fails, you can always say, “How you doin’?”.

  2. I never could until I had a good relationship. In the between times (the girl and I spent a few months broken up) I apparently got really good at it. The girl at the gas station this afternoon tried to give me her phone number…

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