Food to inspire love…

a-chocoFood.  We gotta have it.  We also crave it.  There are times when I crave milk, chocolate, barbecue chips, and garlic…lots of it.  Sometimes I crave all of them at the same time.

At this time of year, though, a lot is being made of special mood foods known as aphrodisiacs.  Well, in some way I guess this is all connected to the matters of love.

Just to cover a few…

1.  Did you know that chile peppers release endorphins?  I wonder if you can replace your workout with a good feast of chile peppers?

2.  This is one that I never heard of…peaches.  Now, it might make Steve Miller want to shake a gal’s tree, but because of the peaches being packed with potassium, vitamins A & C, and iron, the sweet, juicy fruit helps in fueling certain indoor sports.  Note to self:  When you get a house, get a peach tree.  What?  Fruit trees are a nice addition to any yard.

3.  Need some stamina?  Eat almonds.  Hmm….I use almond milk in my cereals and smoothies instead of milk.  I must be banking some stamina.  Of course, it will go to waste, but I’ll be ready.  Heh.

4.  Liquorice is said to enhance desire.  I don’t think kissing someone that has eaten it would be so nice, though.

There are always the usual suspects, though:  oysters, chocolate, and booze–especially wine.  Personally, I’d have to agree with wine.  Just sayin’.

(H/T:  Epicurious Gourmet Sleuth)

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