Atomic meltdown

a-meanFast food person: Welcome to Burgerama, how may I help you, today?

Old guy: I’ll have a cheeseburger, no onions–bad for my colon dontcha know–fries, and a large lemonade.

Fast food person: Okay, sir.  That’s a cheeseburger, no onions, regular fries, and a large lemonade.

Old guy: That’s right.

Fast food person:
That will be $8, Pull around to window 1, please.

Old guy (at window 1): Here’s your $8.  That seems mighty expensive.

Fast food guy:
Thank you.  Oh, we just ran out of lemonade.  Can I get you something else to drink?  We have iced tea.

Old guy: WHAT!!!!!!!!????!?!?!?!?  You stupid, no good, minimum wage earning, loser!  You don’t have lemonade?

Fast food guy: Uh, sorry, but no.  What else may I get you?

Old guy: I WANT LEMONADE!!!!!

Fast food guy: Well, I’m sorry, sir.  We have run out of lemonade.  I can get you a large iced tea and a discount on the order, since you’ve been inconvenienced.

Old guy: NO!  I WANT LEMONADE!!!  If I don’t get my lemonade, I will call the cops!

Fast food guy:

Old guy: Hello, 911?  I have a complaint about the Burgerama on 5th & Dipwad.

911 operator: Sorry, sir?  Did you say that you are in distress and need someone at 5th and Dipwad?

Old guy: Yes, I’m in distress, I ordered a lemonade and Burgerama is out of them!  Bloody hell!  How do you run out of lemonade!?  Don’t you see that you are running out and make more?  What is so hard about lemonade?  Why can’t I have some?  Why did they run out?  What the hell is happening to this country?  NO LEMONADE????????

911 operator: Sir, the cops will be coming to see you, shortly.

Old guy: Meh….this country is in the toilet.  Where is my freakin’ lemonade?

Approaching cop thinking to himself: Where’s my taser?

(H/T:  MyWay)


4 thoughts on “Atomic meltdown

  1. I met that old codger I do believe, when I was managing Hardees. He wanted his eggs sunny side up. He’d cussed out the poor little counter girl and she called me over nearly crying. I told him we couldn’t fix them that way and he ranted and carried on and wanted to know why we were all so stupid and couldn’t cook an egg sunny side up.

    I produced him a “carton” of our eggs- pre-scrambled in a milk carton style box. Told him if he could turn those into a sunny side up creation, he could have his breakfast for free.

    Some customers are 110% asshats.

  2. AJ
    Oh, but I have been. I worked in a steak house and I was a cashier at a drive-thru. Craziness.

    I’ve been on the other end of the cusser who was wrong. His wife just stood there, mortified.

    Loved the egg story! Priceless.

    An end.

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