Translation, please!

What in sam hill was President Obama talking about, tonight?

Now, I’m really tired.  So, it could be me.  Was he making any sense?  Just wondering.


6 thoughts on “Translation, please!

  1. Thought so. I tend to doubt my own intelligence quite often. I could have sworn I heard catchphrase after catchphrase and cliche after cliche. Surely, The One wouldn’t resort to vague language use.

  2. Isn’t this what he usually does. He really knocked me out with this doozie. If I was not scared crapless I could sleep through all this stuff.

  3. RT, the man’s a real smooth talker.

    Of course, so is a used car salesman.

    Obama is back in campaign mode/mindset. He doesn’t know how to govern, only “run”. There’s no direct connection with his rhetoric and the reality contained in the “Syphillis” Bill.

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