But can he do the hustle?

Next to me, John Travolta has two left feet.

Next to me, John Travolta has two left feet.

Who would have thunk it!?!  Vlad loves ABBA!  HA!  I swear he’s one step from an appearance on Queer Eye for the Straight Dictator.

Russia’s hard man Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has revealed a weakness for 1970s super-group ABBA at a concert performed by lookalikes and cloaked in secrecy last month, an organiser said on Friday.

The ABBA tribute band Bjorn Again was paid 20,000 pounds (29,000 dollars, 23,000 euros) for the January 22 gig performed before a tuxedo-wearing Putin, Bjorn Again manager Rod Stephen told AFP.

Tuxedo?  What?  Does he think he’s James Bond?  (You know what?  Given that he’s really weird and such and a former spy…maybe he thinks he is James Bond.)

“He was definitely seen dancing and getting into the show because Bjorn Again is a very interactive show. He was dancing along.

“In ‘Super Trouper’ there’s time to move your hands in the air and ‘Mama Mia!’ starts with finger pointing. He was yelling out ‘Bravo! Bravo!’ after quite a few songs,” commented Stephen, referring to some of the band’s best known hit numbers.
(H/T:  AFP)

He’s just a wild and crazy guy, eh?  What’s next, a re-enactment of the dancing scenes in Saturday Night Fever?  Is Vlad going to wear his black market pair of flares that he bought back in the ’70s?

For good measure, HERE’S some ABBA.  Now, try to imagine Putin dancing like a fool and yelling “Bravo!”.  Think he’s wearing his lucky gold chain and platform shoes?

At least Boris Yeltsin had lots of vodka to blame for his comical and weird behavior.


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