You are victims of my boredom.

a-ponderWhile I was out and about today, I noticed some things.

1.  I hear stupid conversations.  While at the diner with pops, the people two tables over (yes, despite my love of loud music, my hearing is keen) from us were having a heated discussion on the proper pronounciation of Oregon.  First of all, we’re in New Jersey, some 3000 miles away.  I don’t think Oregon is something that just comes up in everyday conversation.  Heck, when I talk about my cousin in Oregon, I say, “My cousin from out west.”  I rarely mention Oregon.  I mean why would I mention Oregon?  (Heh)  Anyhoo, to those who are wondering, I say it, “Or-eh-gone” or “Or-eh-gin”.  It depends on how fast I’m saying it.  Sometimes I don’t get the “eh” in it and it is just plain, “Or-gon”.  My grandmother was from British Columbia, so I generally say it how she did (my speech seems to mimic hers), so I assume that is the right way.  And she never placed “eh?” at the end of her sentences.  Oddly, I tend to do it.  I also say, “organ-EYE-zay-shun”.

2.  Also while at the diner, there was a family that comes in a lot of the time when my dad and I are there, too.  It is usually a lady with her two kids and two or three older ladies.  The kids are a pain in the butt.  You know the kids who don’t behave and mom stands on her head trying to get them to behave?  (All it took for me was my mom speaking to me through her clenched teeth, threatening an arse whooping when we got home.  That, and she’d have a death grip on my wrist while she did it.)  Well, she pulled out a new trick, today.  She had a personal dvd player for her daughter.  Yes, a DVD PLAYER IN A FREAKIN’ RESTAURANT!  Did she at least hook up ear buds and shove them in the child’s ears?  Nope.  I’m glad we were pretty much leaving at that point.  I don’t think she liked the look I shot her when she turned it on.  (One time they were there and she took the kids and left the diner.   They were that bad.)

3.  It was a very beautiful day, today.  The sun was out, there was a nice, fresh 20-30 mph breeze (heh), and it was warm.  I drove around with my windows down and loved every minute of it.  I wish I could move south, where at least only part of the winter is as winterish as here.

4.  I bought a suit to wear to work tomorrow.  This past week was really stressful and tiring–all work related, too.  I was supposed to do wash, but I just didn’t have that extra umph to go to the laundromat.  The suit, which I decided to try on first (never try on clothes–my quirk), was a size smaller than the clothes I’ve been buying.  To be more precise, it is a size smaller than this fall.  The jacket, the skirt, and the blouse were all the same size, too!  I’ve been having to buy my shirts and such a size larger than my bottoms.  That means the hour-glass is starting to come back.  I still have the cortisol belly, but it is shrinking a little.  So while I’m pretty much at a standstill weight-wise, the exercise is doing something to the physical make-up of my body.  That’s cool.  I get my blood work done Friday and hopefully, that will provide some answers.  I don’t go to the doctor for another month, but I’ll at least be able to discuss the results with him sometime next week.  Then I can tell him about how hard I’m working at staying the same weight.  Heh.

Okay, if I get any other thoughts, I’ll be sure to share them.  🙂


2 thoughts on “You are victims of my boredom.

  1. Heh, If I’m in a hurry, it’s Oregun. I’ve also heard Are-uh-gun (and I’ve probably said it that way too). We must hear from Les and find out what’s “right”.

    2. I cannot stand mothers like that. I never had to speak to my kids. One snap of the fingers usually did it- two meant heads would roll.

    3. It was very warm here today without much wind. The mosquitoes were out in full force this evening, cutting short today’s target practice session. There are plenty of drawbacks about having brief winters and most of them buzz or slither.

    4. WOOT for smaller sizes! RT, have I told you lately I’m proud of you?

  2. I had a healthy fear of my mom. I rarely showed my tail, never in restaurants. It was too much of a treat.

    I’m really looking forward to wearing my pretty black suit. It is a straight skirt with the pleat thing happening at the bottom, with a blazer. I found a nice black and white print blouse. I’m going to attempt my 2″ heels, too. I’m gonna be a tall glass of water tomorrow. (With some muscle tone in the calves, I might add.)

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