The evil eye

So, when I asked my cat if I could have my pillow back, this was his reply:


Feel free to caption this.  🙂


6 thoughts on “The evil eye

  1. Jeffro
    He has an evil look, doesn’t me. He looks at me like that when I’m getting ready for work. He’s the sweetest cat, though.

    He’d move without a fuss; however, I feel bad moving him.

    Heh. 🙂 Funny one!

  2. OK, waaay too freaky. My oldest cat, Flower, looks exactly like yours. Same markings, same black nose, lays the same way. Does yours like to lay in the bathroom sink, or on your head at night, or like to climb in the shower with you or sing when it’s happy?

  3. 1. He used to lay in the sink. He’d look so cute curled up in it.

    2. He sleeps on my head/just above it, on my pillow. Not always, but he does do it.

    3. He won’t go near the shower. Well, he’s been known to peek.

    4. When I feed him he says, “WOW!” Well, that’s what it sounds like. He doesn’t sing, but he does snore. He’s got sinus issues and isn’t too quiet about it. 🙂

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