Weighin’ In

a-carHmm…which scale to use:  I am down four pounds from last Saturday if I use the old scale.  I am down one pound from last Saturday if I use the new scale.  Either way…at least I lost a pound.

Leave your updates in the comments.  I’ll be out for most of the day, so I hope you all have a good one!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Weighin’ In

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  2. Well, if I was really paying attention, it might actually really be four pounds either way. The new scale puts my weight 2 lbs more than the old one each time I weigh and I was counting the difference between the weights based on the old scale’s weight from last Saturday. Whatever. I’m still at a virtual standstill by going back and forth between the same weights for the past month.

    One nice thing, though…when I was out at the movies, my friend told me that my body looks like it is transforming (Into what? I don’t know.), and that my face hasn’t gotten tons thinner. So, that made me feel good. Because, Pinboy said the only thing that matters to him is the number on the scale. (It matters to me, too, because I’m trying to improve my BMI and my health.)

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