A review: The Wrestler

a-mickeyToday, I went to see The Wrestler.  I can honestly say that this was probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  It is gritty, moving, humorous, and just plain good.

Back when Mickey Rourke was “it” as far as leading men go, I loved his movies.  I always found him convincing in the portrayal of his characters, and in his newest role as Randy “The Ram,” he doesn’t disappoint.

Randy is a wrestler whose best days are behind him.  He is always behind on the rent of his beat up trailer.  He gets by day to day by working at Acme (local market for PA/Jersey area) and wrestling on the weekends.  Instead of wrestling in places like the Philadelphia Spectrum like he used to, he now wrestles in American Legion halls with the aid of pain killers and steroids.

Rourke doesn’t play him as pathetic, instead I saw a person who, despite his circumstances, found some kind of happiness and wasn’t bitter.  He knows he has it rough, he’s banged up, lonely, and his only child wants nothing to do with him (because of his inability to be a father).  He tries to roll with the punches thrown at him.  His health is in decline and the little piece of life that he has seems to be unraveling, and that is what leads him to make a decision that could literally prove fatal.

It is a great movie (did I mention that already–heh).  The soundtrack cracked me up, because it was everything I listened to in the ’80s (Even THIS SONG!  HA!).  In fact, there is a scene at a bar in the movie where Mickey Rourke’s character, Randy, is talking to Marisa Tomei’s character, Cassidy/Pam, about the music of the ’80s, “That p*ssy Cobain” wrecking everything, and that the ’90s sucked.  (I had a similar conversation with some guy I had lunch with about a year and a half ago…in TN.  Funny, huh?)  The clip I’ve provided plays part of that scene, btw.

If you can handle some old-school wrestling blood and smash-mouth, Marisa Tomei nekkid (she plays an aging stripper with her own inner-conflicts), a very brief sex scene, laughing, crying—yes, I cried, seeing Rourke wake up in firemen’s boots after a one night stand, and giggling at Tomei’s character stating that Trenton’s schools are good (That just gave me a giggling fit),  you will enjoy this movie.

I give this movie five body slams out of five.


5 thoughts on “A review: The Wrestler

  1. Hehe…I had forgotten all about that particular song RT. Thanks for the blast from the past. I think this is one the husband wants to see, but Gran Torino comes first. 😉

    The last thing I saw Rourke in that I really liked was Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man and that was a longggg time ago. Hopefully we’ll get to see this one soon.

  2. I can TOTALLY handle Marissa Tomei “nekkid: RT, but I don’t think I can handle Bruce Springsteen anymore. Is he only warbling in the trailer, or does he feature prominently in the movie too? If so I may wait for the DVD. They don’t have a mute button at the cinema…

  3. Snigs
    I’ve never seen Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man. I would like to, though. Gran Torino and Defiance are next on my list.

    I only recall hearing the Springsteen’s song at the very end. While I do not like him, the song, itself, is fitting to the end of the movie. That made me stomach it.

  4. Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man is a strictly no-brainer movie. It had lots of shooting and Rourke and Don Johnson when they were very much hotties though. It was nothing to watch if you’re looking for in depth thought or feelings, but if you’re bored and drooling is an option, it’s quite worthwhile.

  5. Eh, I never liked Don Johnson. He always seemed swarmy to me. I like Rourke for his acting skills, not so much his then handsome looks. Now, Daniel Craig…

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