My dog ate my homework.

avitarSo, I came home from work last night with every intention of writing three posts for today.  I had the stories selected and everything.  But, then my best friend in Texas called me and we chatted for a very long time.  So, after that, I was too tired to write.  I also figured that since I had three hours of sleep Tuesday night, a repeat performance would not be wise Wednesday evening, because Pinboy will be pounding me into submission tonight.

So…hmmm…let me see.  Since I’ve been such a bummer lately, I’ll make a list of things that cause me to feel much gratitude.

I’m grateful for…

1.  Two very understanding and giving parents who love me, even after the slimeball I was when I was young.

2.  The unconditional love my kitties.  It seems dumb, but Buster curls up with me and doesn’t give a rat’s behind if I’m fat and ugly.  He just wants his ears tickled and belly rubbed.

3.  My bloggy friends.  You all are constant sources of warm fuzzies and giggles.  I appreciate it.

4.  God’s gift of salvation, faithfulness, constant care and protection of me, and providing me with an unlikely path that I never would have dreamed possible.

5.  The ability to walk.

6.  The ability to dream and the power that God has to make those dreams and desires come true.

7.  My status as a citizen of the United States of America.  It is a highly flawed country, but there is no place like home.

8.  That my grandmother saw fit to visit the little Baptist church in town, give her life to God and cover her family with prayer.  That legacy is priceless.

9.  That I finally understand what “Honor thy father and mother” means.

10.  Redemption, reconciliation, and forgiveness, on Earth and in Heaven.

What stirs gratitude in you?


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