No particular aim…

Been thinking….

I need one of those sun-lamp things that are supposed to be like real sunshine, so that I feel all sunny and stuff.

I’ve been randomly picking blogs from your links/blogrolls.  You all have some interesting people linked.  I think I shall share some of my favorites in the near future.  Y’all keeping secrets from me…not nice.

I think there is a family of squirrels hiding their nuts in the rafters of our apartment.  They tried to get rid of them last week.  That worked well.  Somehow, given this apartment complex, I imagine a “Lampoonish“-like ending to things if the maintenance guys were given the opportunity to turn things up a notch in the squirrel hunting department.

I’ve noticed something when I watch television (other than it is pretty useless):  The amount of scene-setting by folks to create an atmosphere, to portray a life that isn’t for-real is bothersome to me.  You ever watch cooking shows?  At the end they set up this lovely “presentation” and have friends and relations in abundance to sample the fine culinary feats placed in front of them.  They engage in banter and hardy laughter, because it is all so perfect.  Then, when you switch over to the shows about all the houses and the decorating and such, you have folks who try to do those neat and tidy things and put their lives into “containers” of perfection.  I was watching a $1 million wedding the other night.  It was of a different culture than mine and it seemed interesting, so I watched.  They seemed like a nice enough couple.  However, what I didn’t “get” was why they had to invite 1,000 people.  Are they in close contact with 1,000 people?  Yet, they put on a show for the crowd.  I wonder if entertaining guests will always be a show for them.  Will the show validate them in some way?

Pretentiousness bugs me.  You know, like those people who know the way words should sound when said in the manner meant for the language of their origin…especially when it is someone who puts the French on things.  I used to be semi-fluent in Italian.  Can barely speak a word of it, now.  However, I remember how to pronounce things correctly, given their sounds.  It is funny to hear a chef that speaks poorly in English (as in grammar and such) pour on the correctly pronounced panini vs. panino.  But, we must have the “show,” eh?

You know what I especially love? /snark  I love the performer types that, because they have been lucky enough to be overpaid for playing pretend, trot around buying the outward trappings of “the show”.  They buy nice clothes, nice cars, nice houses, and have stylists creating an image for them.  Underneath it all, they are usually very insecure and shallow people who give the appearance of knowing what it is going on globally and politically.  In reality, they overheard a conversation somewhere, wherein the speaker the sounded smart, so the pretenders pretend more by professing, with great passion, the subject they overheard, but know very little about, thus creating a false movement of activism.  (Did any of that make sense?  I know you have read or seen the daft interviews of equally daft performers that champion a cause, but come out sounding like complete dunderheads.)

Yeah, I know there are a few exceptions to those I just mentioned.  However, it amazes me that we (the collective, not meaning y’all) are so influenced by all the pretenders and the scenery–that we try to recreate it in some way, rather than being authentic.

Every now and then I catch myself, “wondering what ‘it’ must be like” to have the scenery and the show.  Then I remember, I is what I is.  And yes, I eats me spinach.  Toot, toot.

Now, about that lamp…


4 thoughts on “No particular aim…

  1. Well girls, come on down toward the weekend. They’re predicting 68-70* highs for us with abundant sunshine.

    I’ll put the swing back up and bring out the lounges and we’ll sit out there and soak up every ray of sunshine that comes this way. 😉

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