Just when David Letterman was really getting on my nerves…

Well, he does seem so political lately, and I really don’t turn into his show for the political stuff.  Entertain me, dangit.

Anyhoo, as I stated in the title of the post, just when I was beginning to really dislike Mr. Letterman, he tells this joke (paraphrased a bit):

Set up:  Iceland has the first openly gay/lesbian prime minister.  (She used to be a flight attendant.  Boy that stereotype is thrown out the window, eh?)

Punchline:  Well, she’d be the only one to like “Bush”.  (Or something like that…I’m really bad at retelling jokes.)

Guess you had to be there?

Oh, and before I forget…I was watching The Fox Report with Shepard (yummy) Smith tonight, and Chris Wallace was on discussing his interview with Obama.  He asked Obama what has been the biggest surprise/thing he’s noticed two weeks into his reign of terror presidency.  Obama’s response?  (I kid you not.)  That there are so many big decisions that need to be made everyday and that every decision impacts so many people, nationally and globally.   My friends, that’s when my mother and I had a jinx moment when we we said, “DUH!”


2 thoughts on “Just when David Letterman was really getting on my nerves…

  1. Well, I guess Obama was too busy to watch the Bush-Kerry debates, when Dubya made the statement that the presidency was a “hard” job.

    And, of course, the press jumped all over it.

  2. OMGoodness….he is so getting a pass on so many things. Part of me thinks it is because the majority of the U.S. has the “wait and see…let’s hope he doesn’t frak up” beaten down thing going on right now. Comedians seem too timid to make fun of him. Wusses.

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