About the hearts…

Just trying to shed my cynical views on the L-word.

Not saying I have.  Just trying.


5 thoughts on “About the hearts…

  1. Join the crowd, or don’t 🙂 Cynicism just means you’re as tired of dealing with crap (in whatever form) as the rest of us. I got over Valentines and Haloween about 30 years ago…

  2. RT, you could be like some of us. I’ve been married 13+ years this time, 2.5 years the time before and I’m still not really sure I have ever loved either one of them *that* way. I love my husband now, but it’s more like friendly love than anything else.

    I’m a cynic too when it comes to the L word. Not sure I’d recognize it if it bit me on the ass and left its teeth behind.

  3. No, I’m capable of it–it’s just been squashed is all. I just didn’t want the hearts up on the banner to be misleading. Kind of like hope and reality are butting heads. Reality seems to be winning.

    Btw., I just hate using the word “hope” these days. It seems so cliche, now. Thanks, Obama. Dick.

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