Weighin’ In

a-car2I bought a new scale this week.  Because of my fluid issues, I thought I’d buy one that provides the body fat and body fluid percentages along with the weight.  Hey, I learned if cannibals wanted to roast me, I’d be all fatty goodness.  I’d be basting for days.

Anyhoo, the new scale is a consistent plus two pounds from the other scale.  At least it isn’t 12 or something crazy.  On the new scale, I’m up two pounds from last week, so if I do my RT math, it seems that perhaps I haven’t lost anything this week, but haven’t gained, either.  I see this weight loss coming to a grinding halt.  It happens.

I’ll dwell on the positives:

Since last January I’ve lost 42 lbs and with the exception of that up and down thing I do every now and then, I really haven’t gained in a tremendous way.  That is a miralce, my friends.

Since the spring of ’07, I’ve lost 80 lbs.

God is in control and knows how hard I’m working.  The good things will happen eventually.

If you’re checking in,  please let us know, in the comments section, how you are doing.

Hope you all have a successful week!  🙂

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