This is me when I leave the gym.

This is me when I leave the gym.

Just a little announcement, since I made a huge freakin’ deal over it:  I didn’t have to do any push ups last night.  I did, however, burn 660 calories.  I’m trying to challenge myself to 800 in a couple of weeks and then 1000 by the end of next month.  I’m not telling Pinboy any of this, of course.  He’d just put me on the rack or something.

He mentioned putting ankle weights on me and turning the incline up high so that I build up the muscles I need to do the treadmill with more gusto.  I told him I’d throw them at him.  Heh.

So, this weekend, I will be trying to do push ups in the privacy of my own home.  Why?  Because I’m competitive, especially with myself.  I need to see if I can do it, because I hate more than anything to say, “I can’t.”


4 thoughts on “Ahem….

  1. You would throw them at him”.
    When you get in shape you just may have to slam his boney little ass, Flyers style.

    Competitive with yourself is good.

    Now Drop And Give Me Twenty!!!!!!!

  2. Snigs
    I think the most I’ve ever been able to do has been five–too much in the front for gravity to attract toward Earth.

    I’d rather surprise Pinboy one day with my ability to do the push ups rather than get frustrated that I can’t.

    He’s a nice guy. I just don’t think he understands that my body just doesn’t want to cooperate right now. He’s trying everything he can to help me toward my goals. I’ll know in a couple of weeks when I finally get my blood work done, how my thyroid is responding. That might be the problem. Lots of exercise and a low-cal diet can mess with it.

    I’m stronger and some other positive things are happening, even if the scale isn’t moving too much. He wants the scale to move and wants to do his job. (He isn’t bony, either.) He’s pretty good about making sure I’m not in any kind of physical distress.

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