Talkin’ to Barry…

a-barryReporter:  Today, folks, you will get to call in and ask President Obama questions.  No topic is off limits, too.

Okay, let’s start taking callers.

Caller 1:  President Obama, why do you want to bankrupt the nation with more needless spending?  Didn’t the money we just gave out not accomplish much of anything?

Obama:  I won and we’ll do as I say.  How dare you question the Obama.

Caller 1:  But I thought…

Obama:  You thought wrong.  Next caller.

Caller 2:  President Obama?

Obama:  That’s my name.  Next caller.

Caller 3:  Mr. Obama, I was wondering if you think it is okay to not pay taxes?  I mean Vice-President Biden said it is the patriotic thing to do, but what if I don’t have the money to pay my taxes and I am otherwise a decent person?

Obama:  Unless you are going to be my treasury secretary, you will pay fines, interest and face jail time.  Next question.

Caller 4:  Why did you get rid of your Baby Bentley (Chrysler 300)  for a Prius when you began your run for president?

Obama:  Because Al Gore told me so.

Caller 5:  How do you propose we be friends with the likes of Ahmadinejad when he says Israel should be wiped off of the face of the earth?

Obama:  Israel?  What Israel?

Caller 6:  Can you speak in anything other than trite phrases and cliches?

Obama:  Um…uh….

For this week’s caption contest winners, CLICK HERE.


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