a-head11.  ‘Prop 8 — The Musical’ set for broadway
I foresee lots of “jazz hands”.

2.  France looks into “magic cheese” case in South America
That must be the magic cheese my uncle eats right before he does his magic “pull-my-finger” trick.

3.  Japan to tourists: Please don’t lick the tuna
Charlie gets too excited, and well, there have been issues.

4.  Senate OKs 4-month delay to digital TV changeover
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sick and tired of all of those stupid commercials, the community/town hall meetings held by local news outlets, and just plain sick of hearing about it.

5.  What’s next for Guantanamo Bay detainees?
An all-expense paid trip to Porta Vallarta.  Sponsors have donated Samsonite luggage and a years supply of Turtle Wax.  Dicker and Dicker of Beverly Hills refused to take part.  At least someone has standards.

6.  On camera: T.O. to star in own reality show
Ummm….will it take place in a mental ward?

Yeah, well, I tried to make it to 10.


5 thoughts on “Headlines!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am like you RT and sick of the DTV ads and meetings. When I heard they were going to delay it though, I was somewhat glad- half the stations here aren’t ready. Not that they’ll necessarily be ready in 4 months either…

  2. Ugh! You’re KIDDING right? Please let the DTV switch just be over. I’m so sick of waiting for all channels to be widescreen and HD. Once the switch is done there’s no excuse… they all need to get with the program ASAP, law or no law.

  3. Snigs
    Are they waiting for government funding? Heh.

    Glad to have provided you with some giggles.

    Funny thing is that I heard the show is supposed to help him figure out why he’s such an dorkwad.

    I read it somewhere…Drudge, I think.

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