Just thought I’d ramble a bit.


You all should be used to it by now.  🙂

This evening, Pinboy announced that he wants to try push-ups during our next meeting:

Pinboy:  I’m going to push you a little harder next time.  (It’s fatigue week and I was feeling it.)  We’ll do weights (me, inside…YAY!) and I’m going to see If I can get you to do some push ups.

Me:  On the floor?

Pinboy:  Where else are you going to do them?

Me:  Against the wall?

Pinboy:  Laughing too much to form words.  Hey, at least I make him laugh.  Really…he likes my sense of humor.

Me:  You remember me telling you I lost the use of my legs a few years back, right?

Pinboy:  Yeah.  How does that mean you can’t get up off the floor.

Me:  Shooting him a dirty look with a smirk.  (Inside…dude, you’re gonna have to pick me up and we both know what I weigh.)

Pinboy:  You’re doing really well now and getting more flexibility.  You’ll be fine.

Me:  (Inside my head while still giving him a smirk…)  Uh, I’ll be practicing getting up off of the floor tomorrow.

Really.  I will be practicing.  The last time I was on the floor was over the summer when I decided to fold some clothes while sitting on the floor.  I needed that bed that was next me.  My biggest fear is that people will be staring at me while I struggle to get up and down, like I’m pathetic and a loser.  I’m not a pathetic loser, dangit.  Grrrr.


So, I have 100+ essays, 50 exams, about 75/80 other pieces of writing, and about 50 quizzes to grade…by Thursday.  Am I grading right now?  NOPE!  Too tired.

Really hoping for a snow day this week.  Fingers and toes are crossed.


I’m all for redemption and for learning from errors in judgment; however, when I saw Geithner take his oath of office tonight and then get a standing ovation, well, that just steamed me.  I’m going to have to pay taxes this year.  Do you think if I tried his excuse for not paying taxes, it would work? Huh?


Why are contraceptives considered necessary to economic stimulus?


5 thoughts on “Just thought I’d ramble a bit.

  1. Anybody makes fun of you for any reason and let’s the thought that THE RT is a loser even cross their tiny minds, and they will be due a royal arse kicking via Snigs.

    I read the other day that a “make it snow” superstition is to sleep with a spoon under your pillow. Let me know if you try it and it works, RT. 😀

    Contraceptives usually stimulate other activities- maybe they’re trying to salvage the prostitution sector first?

  2. Snigs
    I’m fretting. Hate that.

    Well, the politicians need their ho’s.

    Maggie Mama
    He’s actually a handsome, tall, Latino. He does push me, though…Jersey accent. 🙂

    NFO & Admiral
    I think I’d be more gung-ho if I was seeing more results for my efforts. I’m getting discouraged, to be honest.

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