This went over well…dumbass.

Uh…VP Biden should be dubbed, Sir Gaffes-a-lot. Even Obama didn’t find the humor.

It wasn’t even a funny joke. He’s such an ass, but that’s the Biden I’ve seen since forever, as his mug is frequently on television in my part of the world.

Eh…it’s going to be a long 4-8 years. I think they need to keep crazy, Uncle Joe locked up in “official duties” that keep him out of the public eye.


5 thoughts on “This went over well…dumbass.

  1. Snigs

    Nitwit, idiot, dolt, jerkass, arrogant douche…so many words and phrases to describe him. Hey, now his assholery won’t be only for us to witness on local news outlets. The entire world will now know what we’ve known for years.

  2. I wonder if any “comedy” late shows will show any of this? I wonder if the daily show will have any of this? If Pres. Bush and Vice Pres. Cheney had botched it this bad, there would have been world wide out cry! I am sorry, but I just am not in the “give this guy a break crowd”! I detest everything this man stands for. I will not support anything he does that is contrary to any of my beliefs!

  3. Sssteve
    All we can do is pray that God use these folks as his implements for His will.

    Other than that…we do not have to agree with him.

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