Just a few words about today

a-bushThere are a few words I’d like to say about today.  I only saw the swearing and the speech, today, so I really don’t have much to say on that other than the poem really sucked and President Obama didn’t have too much new to say.  I’ve always found that the inauguration is more about the day the and pomp, rather than what the new presidents says.  What did strike me was that he said some things that Bush has said, using other words.  The students went wild; however, if Bush had said them, he would have been booed.  That’s not the point of this post, though.  I heard some things on the way home that made me wonder about the adult population of this country.  A bunch of classless individuals, with no manners or respect for the office made asses out of themselves, today.

George W. Bush has done nothing but handle himself with grace, dignity, and respect.  Given his reception to the White House eight years ago, he’s held nary a grudge.  In return, he gets to see the collective ass of people who don’t know the meaning of dignified.

I hope those same people that acted like assholes realize that their newly minted president will let them down a lot of the time and that he will make a mess of some things.  Are they going to boo him and chant a stupid high school football “taunt” song at him?  Losers.

They took a very historic day, filled with very moving images and turned them into a base display of juvenile hostility.

Now, I’m about to get all dark, and Jersey right now, so if you don’t want to read harsh language, I suggest you stop reading.

To the person who felt the need to say to me today that that person hates the religious aspect within the inaugural…FUCK YOU!  I sat there and prayed in agreement with my eyes open.  How do you like that?  If it wasn’t for the faith of those who founded this country we would not be the strong country we are, today.  Look around you folks.  Which country has ultimately been blessed the most?  Huh?  What has been happening since people started acting like immoral, grade-A assholes?  Yeah.  If we don’t wise up, we’ll lose our blessing.  Pray to God that we don’t.

Rant done.

I will go finish watching the festivities, because it is what I like to do.  I have loved watching inaugurals since I was little.


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