Good luck, sir.

While I did not vote for you, sir, you are my president.  I will not be happy with everything you do, but I’m sure there might be some decisions with which I will agree.  That’s human nature.

Just remember, you are not our savior, and you are not flawless.  As with any president, your decisions will anger many and please few.  We are a nation of many different visions and ideologies.

I will continue, as I have been, off and on, since November, to pray for your safety, well-being, for blessings on your family, and that you lead in a manner that is optimal for our country.  I also pray quite often that God do His will through you, whether you are aware of it or not.  God is the one in control, not you.

You are our nation’s leader, now, handle her with care.



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