Radio’s mission? I thought it was to entertain.

So, I was reading THIS article about how Air America now parses its shows out to different radio stations, much like Hannity, Limbaugh, et al.

The show in question is now called Hollywood Clout, a spin on the show’s usual name, Clout with Richard Greene.

The article is funny and worth your time.  The radio show’s premise is to give Hollyweird folks a platform to spew hate (doubt they see the hypocrisy in their own words and actions; they are perfect, after all) and show their utter ignorance.  I wonder if the Hollywood elite realizes that the majority of Americans do not feel as they do about hot-button topics.  I know they don’t care, but I mean, I wonder if they really get it, or are too freakin’ stupid to fully understand.

While I could not find a segment from the Hollywood Clout program (too new, I guess), here are a couple of clips of the usual show.  The first one is a montage of interviews.  You will laugh, cringe, and scratch your head until it bleeds.  The second clip is an interview with the brilliant political pundit, Fran Drescher.  Yes, “The Nanny”.  Oy vey.  (I applaud her work on the behalf of women and health issues, but a political mastermind?  Not!)


7 thoughts on “Radio’s mission? I thought it was to entertain.

  1. What you call a platform to spew hate is really a platform to dispense truth. It would be wise to listen. Dr King would have wanted you to.

  2. You know Steve, I’m really getting sick of finding your tired cliches at my friend’s blogs. Go crawl back beneath the rock you slimmed out from under.

    And the avatar that was automatically assigned to you couldn’t be better. Go away, dumbass.

    HI! RT!

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