Weighin’ In

a-carYou know, the past few times I’ve posted the weigh in, I’ve thought to myself that this is a long haul.  It gets daunting, doesn’t it?  However, it is for the overall improvement of health, well-being, and for long-term goals.  There are no quick fixes.  So, when I go up a little in weight, I’m bummed, but I know I am doing the right things about 95 percent of the time and I’m exercising more than I ever have.  It is all I can do, right?

There is a person I know that started going to the gym and got a trainer because I did.  This person was fueled by my efforts.  We both work just as hard and have similar goals for the amount of weight loss we’d like to experience; however, that person’s weight is just melting off; mine, not so much.  While I am over the moon for this person’s success, as in the past, every time I saw that person, I’d say a quick prayer about those goals, identifying with the misery of fatness, I can’t help but feel a little squirmy.  I used to be the person that could say, “I will lose such and such and I will tackle that physical part and kick butt.”  I say those things now, but they don’t happen as I’d like.  My body’s chemistry doesn’t exactly allow it these days.

I just wanted to share all of that, because I also have some good things to say.  I realized yesterday how much my efforts aren’t futile.  For about seven hours I had to do things around my apartment requiring physical stamina, and then had to do some heavy lifting for about a half an hour.  I wasn’t winded, wasn’t in pain, and I felt like I could do more when I finished.  Doing those things three months ago would have been impossible.

Another nice surprise awaited me this morning:  I’m down five pounds from this time last week.  This is the lowest of any Saturday weigh-in in the past year.

Slow and steady wins the race.  I get frustrated, sometimes have success, and through it all, I realize that I must have a level head.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you meet any goals that you set for yourselves.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Weighin’ In

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  2. Snigs
    Wish, overall, it was more, though. I try to not let that bug me, but it does. Thank you, though.


    I’m noticing some new muscle here and there, but I’m not sure if that is impacting the weight. The strength thing is making me happy, for sure.

  3. I used to pray for patience, but for some reason it always came out like- “God, please grant me patience…NOW please.” and I figured that didn’t go over so well. I definitely learned not to pray for strength, as I figure I might be able to strangle with one hand those I need to be patient with.

    You’ll make it to where you want to be- and you’ll be all the better for it, both spiritually and physically.

    I have faith in YOU!

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