10 thoughts on “CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Coke, hands down!

    Here in the south, Coke wins by default anyway. Every soda pop is a Coke. The particular names of the products are all just different flavors of Coke. 😉

  2. I think it could be proven that the ‘kool-aid’ liberals swill for obama is nothing more than flat pepsi (check the new pepsi symbol). Besides, nothing goes with good American rum (Puerto Rican) like Coca-cola.

  3. I’d have to say that Coke is my favorite. There’s a nice bite to it. Pepsi is just too sweet for me.

    There’s nothing better than a Coke and a Philly pretzel or a Coke with popcorn. Yummy!

    I was never one for mixing Coke with booze. I used citrusy stuff. Which I have an allergy of sorts to, but I had to have my vodka. Hmm…haven’t had vodka for years.

  4. After seeing this website I will never drink another Pepsi product in my life.

    I thought Pepsi’s colors were red, white, and blue but I think they are 100% blue now.

    If a restaurant serves Pepsi products I will go somewhere else or drink water.

    F#@& Pepsi!

    I always liked Coke better anyways…

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