This is becoming a habit.

heippa_kaikille2I have nothing to say.

I looked for most of the day for something to write.  It would have made my day productive if I had.

You’d think a funny story about a stupid criminal would have caught my eye.  Nope.  Tried to look for headlines…nada.  I even found a story about the Rangers’ goalie and his good looks.  He even did a fashion spread.  Yeah, he was hot, but I really didn’t feel like writing about him.  I’m trying to do more things that please God, and I don’t think drooling over a man would have been the right thing to do.

I did watch the Golden Globes.  I was waiting for “that” Globe moment.  It happened.  Mickey Rourke won best actor.  He’s had a tough road, a lot of his own doing I surmise.  However, he was genuninely grateful.  The part of his speech that cracked me up was when he made a remark about the director (a funny and endearing one) and the director shot him the middle finger.  The camera stayed on that shot for a really long time, too.  I busted out with a good belly laugh.  The part that touched me was when he talked about his dogs, past and present.  He said that sometimes when a guy has nothing and no one, all that is left is his dog.  I can relate, as I’m sure others can, too.  I hope he has put his demons behind him and can go on to be the success he was meant to be.  He’s a quirky guy, but he’s a really good actor.

Well, guess I had a little bit to say.

9 thoughts on “This is becoming a habit.

  1. Thanks, gents.

    I seem to have a lot of blank space between my ears, lately.

    I appreciate your visits. I’m just kind of fried and blah.

    I’ll get back to putting up stuff on the blog.

  2. Yeah. He’s had botched plastic surgery (which really ruined his career), problems with drugs, and I assume alcohol, too.

    There’s an “artsy” movie theater near me that is showing the movie for which he won. I think I might go see it Monday if it is still playing.

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