While I was watching Japanese games shows on YouTube, I had an amazing thought, “Dang, I think I should go to the gym.”

Enjoy these.  They are pretty funny.  I’m going to go put some oxygen in my lungs, kick some blood through my heart, and put some muscle in my butt.

The violent side of rock, paper, scissors:

Boxing while dizzy!  (Around here we call that Eagles fans vs Giants fans, after a few drinks.)


2 thoughts on “Epiphany?

  1. Yep, they are funny! Only problem is that they get old when that is ALL that is on, and the only other choice is CNNj which, being typical CNN is leaning so far left they are laying on their sides…

  2. I imagine that culture shock doesn’t begin to explain what it is like to find yourself there, especially for the first time.

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