I need an attitude adjustment.

a-grrrrrThings I’m tired of:

1.  The word “rustic”.  I’m tired of it being used to describe decor, food, and general design elements.  Call it unfinished, shabby (not Shabby Chic, please), country, rural, po’ folked, or whatever.  Using gobs of money to pay for something that looks old and worn is just stupid.  For example, people buying a perfectly nice table made of wood and then taking a chain or something and beating it to create a “distressed” look just makes no sense.  I used to get my butt beat if I did something that “distressed” our furniture.

2.  Gay voice.  It doesn’t matter if a guy is straight or gay, I’ve noticed an overuse of an effeminate tone in the voices of males.  I’m tired of it.  Talk like a man for goodness sake.  Also, please avoid ending statements in a manner that sounds like questions, especially when using “gay voice,” as it increases my desire to throttle you.  Thanks.  (Maybe I’ve watched too much HGTV this weekend?)

3.  Okay, we just plowed through a new year, right?  Well, now I am noticing television shows about romance and a nod to Valentine’s Day already.  I think I might need to get my own bow and arrow and impale cupid with it.  Eh, he probably talks with “gay voice,” too.

4.  Skinny people with no manners.  It is no secret that I’m a big (but getting less big) gal.  When I went to The Nutcracker last week, I sat down quite easily within my seat, put my coat and purse on my lap, and I managed to not have to use the armrests.  An older couple, with their granddaughter, came and sat down next to me.  The lady, quite skinny…boney, stopped, looked at me, and sighed.  She sat down next to me (then the granddaughter, and then her husband).  A few minutes later, she made her husband switch places with her.  She kept asking if he was okay.  (What?  Was I going to eat him up like Grendel?)  He kept saying he was fine.  Guess who kept getting elbowed the entire performance?  Me!  I was very conscientious in keeping my space, so as to not encroach (given the stereotype of us fat, smelly people).  Meanwhile, the lady who sat on the other side of me was perfectly pleasant.  (Please note that the older gentleman was perfectly nice, too.  His wife was the beyotch.)

Yes, it has been bothering me for over a week and this is the first I’ve said anything about it to anyone.  Until I’m really thin, no one will know how far I’ve come, or will care.  They won’t care that I had to walk with a cane for some time or that I’m in pain every day and that just going to the ballet meant the world to me.  They won’t care that I’m a highly caring person.  They will just continue to judge me as “fat girl”.

5.  Spoiled people.  Increasingly, I just see and witness more and more people who behave in a spoiled, entitled manner.  No wonder this country is in the crapper.  Practically no one understands humility and gratefulness these days.

I could probably go on, but I won’t.  I’m tired of a lot of stuff lately, and I needed to vent.



5 thoughts on “I need an attitude adjustment.

  1. Shabby or “country chic” just means I can charge more for the junk the neighbor threw out… Re manners, agreed! AND it’s getting worse instead of better… sigh…

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