Wonder where I get “it” from?


Mom:  So,  I was at (a grocery store that shall remain nameless).  There was this lady talking on her cell phone in front of me, and it was crowded and she kept stopping every time she’d speak.

Me:  Yeah?

Mom:  So, finally I couldn’t take it anymore.  She stopped again and I rammed into the back of her and, “Excuse me.”

Me:  Heh.

**Well, I’m actually not like this.  On the “inside” I toy with the idea of running over the idiots in the grocery store that bug the daylights out me.  My mom is 65 and doesn’t give a rat’s patootie these days.  I’m the type that mutters stuff under my breath as I pass by and give a dirty look.


3 thoughts on “Wonder where I get “it” from?

  1. NFO & Rick
    It cracked me up, because my mom just snapped. That drug raid earlier in the week and the concussion/shock grenade or whatever the heck they used kind of set her off.

    I keep think about that angry white man movie that Michael Douglas was in…only she’s armed with a shopping cart, knocking off cell phone users that lack etiquette.

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