So, how was your morning?

a-bangI was sleeping, soundly, when all of sudden BANG!  I live next to a major highway and I thought maybe someone took down another light pole (happened last week).  Nope.  Then I hear my mom’s frantic voice on the phone.  Damn.

Apparently, stuff had been happening for a little while and it was a second loud bomb sounding bang I heard.

It was the cops, with dogs, some of the cops dressed in SWAT-like gear.  The particular apartment in question, across from mine, has had a few visits the past few weeks…by heavily armed cops and undercover folks.

One of my cats is still hiding in a closet.  My mom almost had a stroke (not even kidding on that one).  I really don’t feel like going out.  A few days ago, a visitor to that apartment gave me a wicked-ass look that made me feel a bit ill-at-ease.

I have to go see Pinboy, now.  I can’t wait to move out of this place.

There’s no sound to go with this, but the bang at the beginning sounds familiar.


8 thoughts on “So, how was your morning?

  1. Wow, it’s so nice that the police in your town still make house calls. That kind of old fashioned service-oriented policing is what we need more of in this country.

  2. NFO
    June. Can’t wait.

    John D
    I am very grateful. Imagine if thugs like that were allowed to just exist to do whatever they want? It is scary. It was the first time I thought that I’d really like to get a gun and learn how to use it. I’ve seen these guys up close. No humanity vibe comes from them whatsoever.

    Wyatt & Snigs
    I can’t move now. Well, if I had $5K to get out of the rest of my lease and a new place to live, I could. I should have much better options in June. 🙂 Much better. Trusting God for safety and for things to work out in June so that we can move.

  3. Rick
    Thank you. I appreciate it. It has been a weird month. There was a carjacking in the parking lot my gym shares with another store, that one apartment getting busted several times (finally evicted today), and another bust this afternoon.

    Yeah. I just have to keep thinking happy thoughts until June, when the lease is up.

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