Hope you aren’t eating right now.

Hmmm…before I had dental coverage, I was lucky enough to not have major problems, and could avoid the dentist for a while.  However, what do you do if you really have a problem?  Why if you are in Peekskill, NY, you go to your neighborhood faux dentist.  Be warned, though, he might exhibit the attention to hygiene and skill of a Civil War field surgeon.

A man has been accused of operating an illegal dentist’s office in the kitchen of his suburban New York City home and giving patients wine from a jug to help them cope with the pain.

Police arrested Carlos Flores on Tuesday night after raiding his home in Peekskill, about 45 miles north of midtown Manhattan. They say they learned about the dental office when a man who went there for a toothache ended up hospitalized after Flores broke the tooth while trying to pull it out.

Police say Flores treated poor Hispanics. They say they seized a dentist’s chair, drugs and bloodstained orthodontic equipment from his kitchen.

Sweet!  In addition to your root canal, you can get Hepatitis C and HIV!

I wonder if these folks know that they can go to a dental school for low-cost care (not to mention that there are probably state programs).

I wonder if he asked….”Is it safe?”


4 thoughts on “Hope you aren’t eating right now.

  1. Jeffro
    They just don’t make movies like that anymore, do they?

    John D
    Back to the base dentists for you!

    At least it is cleaner. 🙂
    The real dentist has the good stuff…heh.

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