Seriously, folks, go support this company!

a-lanceWe all know that so many people deserving of their jobs, and the benefits provided by those jobs, are finding themselves in the unemployment line.  I need not tell you that many families are suffering.

A couple of months ago, Archway Cookies (mmm….cookie goodness) closed up its business in Ohio and sent 300 people into a rough economy without their jobs.

Enter Lance.  (I love their peanut bars and peanut butter crackers…the orange crackers, of course.)

When it promised to reopen the bakery, Lance gave all 300 former Archway workers a $1,500 prepaid debit card.

“I was crying,” Devan says of the gift. “I am like, ‘What are these people doing? They don’t know me. They don’t know us. They don’t know any of the Archway people. And they are giving each and every one of us $1,500.’ “

Sexton — the woman who’d been preparing her kids for a meager holiday — says of the $1,500 gift: “It was awesome. My first thought was, ‘I can give my kids a Christmas.’ “

David Singer, CEO of Lance, says the gift cards were a way of letting Ashland know the new owners are different. “We wouldn’t do it willy-nilly,” Singer says. “We do want to make money. But this is the pool of folks that we intend to hire. We just wanted to let them know who we were.”

The 60 workers rehired so far are earning their previous salary and retained their seniority. They also were provided health insurance from day one.

The bakery now produces Lance cookies that are sold to big chains like Target and Wal-Mart. But production of Archway cookies is scheduled to resume soon. Lance has told the employees that it hopes to have the plant fully operational by the end of 2009 — that is, five lines of cookies being produced simultaneously.

The new owners say that if new orders keep flowing in, more jobs will follow.
(H/T:  CNN)

So, folks, the next time you want some snacks, give Lance your business.  🙂


12 thoughts on “Seriously, folks, go support this company!

  1. I am definitely buying some Lance products on my next trip to the store.

    (Btw, I saw your site linked at CNN, you’ve got a nice blog.)

  2. NFO
    Seriously, I LOVE those peanut bars! Peanuts and sugar…can’t go wrong, eh?

    Mmmm….sammie cookies!

    Thank you for visiting. 🙂

    Their products make snacks for lunches.

    YUP! Goodness, sweetness, and light. It all goes a very long way. They could have ignored the needs of those that were laid-off, but they chose to bless them. That is the America I know, and I hope their business is blessed 10-fold, as you said.
    (I deleted Wyatt’s repeated comment, btw.)

  3. This factory is in my hometown, and it was a wonderful Christmas present to see this story. I hope that Lance Snackfoods thrives in all they do. Thank you to them for being decent people, and putting decent hardworking people back to work.

  4. If anyone is able to……….Get word to the new owners ADVERTISING DEPT. to let the public know that Archway is under new ownership!
    I always bought them. ( Ruth’s Cashew Supremes, my favorite)
    UNTIL 1990,? 91? following the recession and catering to the
    misguided demigraphic’s desire to have it all. ( I can eat cookies but limit the fat (butter) sugar, ( artificial); and to save money and increase profitabilityl they changed the recipes and the cookies tasted lousy!
    My personal attitude: If you are on a diet, have health issues with sugar & butter, DON”T EAT COOKIES! When you DO eat cookies they should taste good!
    I passed right by the Archway factory in ’92, and wanted to stop and give my opinion but had the flue, limited funds and was trying to get home to Maine. SO I didn’t BUT I HAVEN”T bought Archway for 20 years!
    Now that I know, I will buy again! Yes I have been buying LAnce products for this last 20 years! Good Job!

  5. Well done, Lance! The compassion you have shown to your employees is the reason that my family (and many others) will now be actively looking for your products to purchase. In addition, I am also placing links to your website on mine: to encourage others to support your company through buying your snack products. Wishing your firm well and a happy (and prosperous) holiday season.

  6. I loved the Archway cookies. Is the Ohio plant the only one they had? Is Lance taking over the entire product line? If so, I will buy even more now that I see what kind of compasionate, caring folks are running the business.

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