What’s a girl to do when she wakes up at 3:30 a.m. on her day off?  Ponder life.

1.  Why do I watch the Food Network, yet never try any of the recipes?

2.  Why do the Flyers always go on road trips when I could finally go to a game and not have to worry about it being a school night?

3.  Was that proper grammar?  It doesn’t look correct to me.  Eh…I’m on vacation, and I am too tired to give a rat’s patootie.

4.  Anyone got a Christmas wish they’d like share?

5.  Wonder what kind of holiday dinner guest Blagojevich is.

6.  If you would like to see this past week’s caption contest winners, CLICK HERE.


5 thoughts on “Pondering.

  1. Considering how the Blackhawks just ate the Flyers for dinner, I’m kind of glad they are on the road and that I didn’t waste hard-earned money for that kind of game. Ick. Eh…still would like to go to a game, though.

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