And Oprah thinks she has a thyroid problem????

And Oprah thinks she has a thyroid problem????

What is one thing kids look forward to when it snows?  Making a snowman.  Just imagine, now, the sweet snowmen to be made when you live in Anchorage, Alaska.  Yeah, a kid’s dream, eh?

Well, some kids in Alaska, over the past few years, have taken on the challenge of building Snowzilla, a mega-snowman, standing as much as 16 feet.

The giant snowman was a favorite for photographers and camera crews from Russia and Japan filmed the temporary sculpture. Snowzilla in 2005 rose 16 feet. He had a corncob pipe and a carrot nose and two eyes made out of beer bottles.

He was built in the front yard of the Powers family home and Billy Powers said his children collected snow from neighbors homes to add to the height and breadth.

But, since this is whiny America, you know that not everyone was thrilled with the attention (attention that probably lasted a short time).

The snowman was built even higher in succeeding years, but not everybody in the neighborhood liked all the cars and visitors who came to see him.

So, now of course, the kids are no longer allowed to build Snowzilla.

A few weeks ago, code enforcers left red signs at Snowzilla’s bottom body ball telling its builders to cease and desist. The city also tacked a public notice on the door of the Powers home.

City officials said the structure increased traffic to the point of endangerment and that the snowman itself was unsafe.

When the notices went up, Snowzilla still didn’t have a full torso or head.

You know, kids find something constructive and fun to do, and blammo…jerks have to kill it.

(Note:  When I was looking for pictures of Snowzilla, I came across one from the first year it was built (above), and one of the captions stated that it took a month to build the snowman.)

(H/T:  Yahoo)


7 thoughts on “Killjoys!

  1. I think I would be leaving a poop-zilla on somebody’s front porch.

    People are stupid.

    I mean, it’s Alaska for cryin’ out loud! How many cars can there be in Alaska? Half a dozen?

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