Weighin’ in

a-car1I’m super busy, today (truth be told, I had to type this up Friday night):  going to the gym, going out with my dad, and then I have a hair and manicure appointments.  I won’t be able to update things, or probably weigh myself.  So, I will post an update on any weight loss (or lack thereof) Sunday morning.  Until then, feel free to provide your updates.  I’ll be linking your blogs, regardless.  🙂

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

My update:

It is one of “those” weeks.  🙂  Yeah, I’m up three pounds from last Saturday.  However, we’re all used to this roller-coaster, eh?  I was on my feet yesterday for the better part of eight hours.  My legs and belly are full of fluid.  That’s what happens when I don’t get Saturday to just relax.  (I’ve noticed that pattern, believe it or not.)  I had a good week food-wise, with only one day of naughtiness.  I also made it to the gym four days for a total of three hours of exercise.  I just need to keep focusing on the positive things that happen and know that my body will respond when it wants.  One of my many quirks, I guess.  Like it or lump it.

I think next weekend will be awesome!

Other folks doing the weight thing:







Joe Cool


6 thoughts on “Weighin’ in

  1. Oh, the weight thing… if you haven’t read about my experience with meeting a friend I haven’t seen in 24 years and the first thing out her mouth was her basically calling me a tub of lard… well that is how my weight is going!!

  2. Thar’s ok, Deanna. I fell the other day on the icy steps, bruised myself up pretty good, told someone from church about it, and her comments was “Well, at least you have all that extra padding.”

    Gee. Thanks.

    For weight loss, I am dealing with some medical issues and will know how I am really doing in another week or two.

    I am also going to break down and buy a scale. Or buy a scale and have a break down. Not sure which yet.

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  4. Out early this AM to shovel snow…again. And then it was time to go out for the local Christmas Bird Count.

    I’ll get around to stepping on the scale tomorrow AM. Maybe.

  5. Deanna
    People are suck jerks. I am amazed how sensitive people are about not making racial jokes or jokes that involve people with things wrong with them; however, they certainly let fly the fat jokes…even with me sitting there next to them. I’ve had more than person say that they don’t see me as “fat,” but uh…I am and that is very awkward for me.

    Again, people are stupid a lot of the time. You should have said, “Well, if you ever fall, I hope you land on your head instead of something important.”

    I admire you rate of activity. I’d hibernate if given the opportunity. 🙂

    Oh, Wyatt. They are saying that you are an age-old ass. Get your hearing checked. 😉 (I kid.)

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