I laugh at you! HA!!! HA!!! HA!!!

a-driveDrive-Thru Guy:  Hello, welcome to Heart Attack on a Stick!  How may I help you today?

Thug:  Uh…gimme your money, or else!

Drive-Thru Guy:  Yeah.  That’s gonna happen.

Thug:  Dude, I’m serious.  I gotta box-cutter and I’ll slice your arse!  Gimme your money!

Drive-Thru Guy:  Okay.  Lemme axe you a question, first.

Thug:  I ain’t got time for no questions!  Gimme your money!

Drive-Thru Guy:  Seriously, why you doin’ this?

Thug:  I need the money, duh!

Drive-Thru Guy:  Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

Thug:  WT…?!?!?!  Why youse laughin’?

Drive-Thru Guy:  Get a job!

(H/T:  Yahoo)