An end to a very long, sad chapter

Adam WalshI’m sure the loss of a child is a pain that never really goes away.  In addition to immense love, when a child is born, there are many hopes and dreams attached to that little one.

Often, when I have seen John Walsh on television, I have wondered about that hole in his (and his wife’s) life.  The Walsh’s son, Adam would have been 33 had he not been murdered.  Sadly, as many of us know, he was taken from his parents when he was six years old.

So, I wonder, today.  I wonder how much relief or comfort there is, after all these years, in being told a suspect, who had confessed (and recanted), was ultimately the murderer of your child, especially when that suspect is dead.  I imagine there is a sense of finality, but for me, it wouldn’t be enough.  Knowing the murderer died without having to “pay” for it in any way would haunt me.

I really admire the Walsh’s for the work they have done over the years, especially John Walsh.  He works hard to make sure that other parents have the happy ending he and his wife were denied.

All of those years not knowing for sure.  Finally, they know.

Rest in peace, Adam.

(H/T:  Yahoo)