God’s way or the highway…

a-bearZoo dude:  Hey, uh, Doc?  We gotta problem over here at the Kushiro Zoo.  Our polar bears won’t mate.  We traded an orangutan and everything for a mate, but no dice.

Vet dude:  Well, let’s see.  They are polar bears.  Are they eating?

Zoo dude:  Yep.

Vet dude:  Are they otherwise playful?

Zoo dude:  Yep.

Vet dude:  Hmm….any other illness?

Zoo dude:  Nope.

Vet dude:  You know what?  I think it might be global warming.  You know how the polar bears are just falling off the face of the earth and everything.  I bet that’s it.

Zoo dude:  You have a point.  Do you think you could come check them out, just in case?  We could try artificial means.

Vet dude:  Sure, I’ll be there in a few…

(A “few” passes, and the examinations commence.)

Zoo dude:  Well, Doc?

Vet dude:  Uh…did you know you had two females?

Zoo dude:  What?  Two females aren’t supposed to mate?

Vet dude:  You’re kidding, right?

Zoo dude:  Well, yeah.  Just don’t tell Rosie O’Donnell.



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