Caption Contest

Ahhhh…motherhood.  Provide your witty and entertaining caption for this photo.  I’m going to go place bets on that child’s future.

I hope you all had a really nice Thanksgiving!  Have a great weekend, everyone.  (I’ll post winners Tuesday evening.)


THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5.  Maggie Mama

bb ok. bwdik. mom wy bbsit tom. t2yl.

(Baby’s ok. But what do I know? Mom, will you babysit tomorrow. Talk to you later.)

4.  CHSW

nd 1 hnd kibrd 2 nrs n txt

(Need 1 hand keyboard to nurse and text)

3.  Deathlok

Sheila can’t wait until she can text AND bring a baby to the movies.

2.  Wyatt Earp

Texting: “Baby’s here. Bout time. Go get the food stamps!”

1. Diller

Don’t fuss, little O!……I’ve texted Micky D’s,your food’s on the way.


Cowboy Blob

Family Security Matters

Gone Rick Motel

Right Pundits

Rodney Dill



12 thoughts on “Caption Contest

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  3. bb hr OMG it wht, what i tl my blk bf. dmn whty lyd abt vsctmy. go gt chlrform n bus tx 2 NEB.

    What to do, what to do;
    Abortion – $900
    Bus ticket to Nebraska to dump kid at hospital – $450
    Chloroform, shovel and a plastic bag – $83

    cnt fgr out wht hppn, 20 blk mn, 1 wht and i gt this

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