Not your grandpa’s garden gnome

A Romanian gentleman with a skill for making statues has found an “interesting” way to try to get business for his garden gnome business:  place plastic hookers by the road, next to his house.

Cristi Birgu, 27, who has just set up his business, defends his “aggressive advertising” and says the dummies will remain outside his house to drum up trade.

Apart from garden gnomes and prostitutes, he makes reproductions of Laurel and Hardy, Elvis, sports stars, cartoon characters and animals.

Mr Birgu said: “So far, my girls have attracted a lot of beeping from truck drivers but not too many customers. Sometimes I am afraid somebody might have an accident, arrested by the view, you know.”

Well, I doubt the type of customers he’s hoping for would come into his shop.  However, Hugh Hefner might want a plastic version of the bunnies…well, that would be redundant.  Never mind.

(H/T:  Ananova)


6 thoughts on “Not your grandpa’s garden gnome

  1. Les
    Michael Jackson? Don’t insult he/she types like that. Geesh.

    I wonder if anyone would steal her and take her around the world to take pictures of her on her travels? Hate to think where she’d end up.

    Doctor’s orders?

    With you isn’t it more like clank?

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