All-American Manliness: Texas

Okay, so Texas is a HUGE state with lots of manliness to be found.  I was really stuck.  I love the voice of Larry Gatlin.  I had a huge crush on him when I was a young girl.  Then there is the beautiful man that is George Strait.  I could have even entertained the “rocker” in me with JT’s favorite non-bluegrass group, Pantera.  (Mind you, I really don’t find those types of guys “attractive” these days–for many reasons.)  Heck, I could have played the song that makes me cry every time I hear it. However, today, I chose an “outlaw”–a man who has inspired a lot of cheers, lots of drinking, and someone who was to many, an icon:  Waylon Jennings.  Well, I guess my type is my type…no denying it, eh?

So rough around the edges, yet so smooth.

“Good Hearted Woman”–Waylon Jennings



Weighin’ In

Well, I haven’t gained and I haven’t lost, but that’s okay.  I know my body and it is doing some things that tell me the best is it to come.

I think I will be a gym-rat soon.  For the first time in five years,  I can feel that my body wants more movement.  I don’t know how to explain it.  Yesterday, I even went to the gym without an appointment with the trainer.  I pushed myself almost as hard, too.  Then, I promptly came home and slept for nine hours.  HA!

So, all of the exercise and diet will combine for some real results sooner or later.

I hope you all have a good week and experience results.  By the way, did we have a winner for October?  Anyone want to claim a prize?  It would really help if at the end of each month y’all stated what you lost for the month.  On a similar note, Ryan still hasn’t claimed his prize from September.  Anyone want it?



Wyatt has found that liquid diets and illness have an upside.  Not one that we’d want to experience, but an upside just the same.

Kim has found THE SECRET to dieting!  See, you have to go read her post to find out what it is.  HA!

Momster started throwing numbers around on her post and then my brain thought I was trying to do math…the brain went and turned itself off at that point.  It sees numbers and flatlines.  So, I don’t know how much she lost for the week, but Momster seems to be down two pounds since September?  ACK!  Math!

Joated is back home from hunting.  You know what that means?  His lovely wife is cooking for him.  🙂