All-American Manliness: North Carolina

Today’s manly man is a bit different from the drool-fest.  The type of manliness I want to focus on today is Godliness.

As you all know I am a born-again Christian.  I have a bit of an edge at times and I say and do things I regret (A LOT); however, I do not take my faith lightly.  A relationship with God is important and necessary in my book.  I’ve seen a very dark side of life (that I won’t go into, but there was Satanic stuff involved).  I’ve also (obviously) experienced what it is like to follow God to the best of my ability and to be blessed by Him.  Unless you go through that kind of change and reconciliation with God, you’re likely to not understand exactly what I mean.

The closest I can do to explain it is to think of the worst thing you’ve ever done that your parents knew about, but instead of hickory therapy or a good yell-at-ya, imagine mom or dad hugging you and telling you that he or she still loves you and that you can go on from there.  Then, every day, they tell you how proud they are and that they love you just the same, no matter what.  That’s what it is like.  That’s why I try to be forgiving.  I’ve been forgiven.  God is always there waiting for us, and He’s given us the option of accepting or rejecting Him.  It’s our choice.  People might laugh at me for my choice, but I can recount numerous times since making that decision when God has made my life infinitely better than it was before I gave my life back to Him.  To say I felt like I had no future and that death was better than life would be an understatement.  I felt that hopeless and my life was that dark (don’t worry, I’m not the suicidal type).

Well, for decades, Reverend Billy Graham has tried to take that message of real hope and change to the world.  I’d say he’s had a great deal of success.

His willingness to face people that would mock his beliefs, and to take a message to the world that not everyone accepts is very admirable.

I can think of nothing better than to spend my time with a man that has totally given himself over to God, who seeks to please and serve God, and who seeks God’s will for his life.

It’s not weak.  It is probably one of the hardest things to do.  Giving control of your life to God is very hard.  I know I certainly struggle with it from time to time.  Anyone would.

Is Reverend Graham perfect? No.  Is he a perfect father?  Probably not.  Husband?  Again, doubt it.  Why?  Because he’s human.  However, he has given God his life, and that gives him endless potential.  No one is perfect and to expect perfection of anyone is ridiculous.

His wife’s words about the man she saw when she was getting to know him are a fitting end to this post:”He wanted to please God more than any man I’d ever met.”

To me, that is the true mark of a man.

For North Carolina, did I want to focus on Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jr.?  Yeah.  However, I thought I’d let you see what’s important to me.

Here is a sampling of one of Graham’s fiery sermons. (If you wonder what kind of preacher I grew up listening to every Sunday, this is pretty close–a little more fire and brimstone from my pastor, though.)

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