You’re the boss!!!!

I want you to decide what I should post on tonight.  Leave your ideas in the comments section and I will choose one and keep the others for some upcoming posts.

I’m short on ideas right now and it is going to be a stressful week, so I could use the help.
Gracias!  🙂

7 thoughts on “You’re the boss!!!!

  1. 1. Political: Biden begs supporters to stick by when crisis comes and they’re not up to it.

    2. Trick or Treat: How to tell your students that pimps and ho’s are not the best ideas for costumes to wear to school.

    3. How to tell teachers the same.

    4. Local bias: Why the Jersey shore beats Hawaii.

    5. Dream vacation for the winter holiday (use to be called Christmas break)

    Sorry, that’s all I got. Good luck.

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  3. Dang, sorry I missed this post. My suggestion would have been for you to blog about how great I am. Then again, maybe you were looking for a topic that would take more than two sentences to cover. 😛

  4. Your wish is my command. I think it took a couple of sentences. Oh, see, you will have to come back and see later in the morning. 🙂

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