Wanna see me cranky?

I’ll have to be frank.  No, wait.  I’m RT…I’ll be the slightly grrrrrr RT, today. (Oh, you know you laughed.)

You see, I got a flu shot Sunday, and now I feel like crap and flu-ish.  Go figure.  I’m feeling really snarky and full of whine.  So, I’ve decided to make use of that aforementioned grrrrrr and go off on some politicians and such.  ***Warning, I’m likely to use some very un-Christian language.

John Kerry Makes Crack About McCain Wearing Adult Diapers…

He’s got nerve, eh?  You just know Teraaaaaaaaaazah tells him when he can take a piss, let alone where and in what.

One word:  MURTHA….again.  He is such a freakin’ idiot!
Click on the audio/video feed in the article.

Palin accessible to media while Biden ‘hasn’t held press conference in more than month’…

Well…..he could hurt the campaign, given he serves up gems like….


What a ding-dong.  I mean first, he’s too much of a pussy to meet with the press one-on-one and then he makes a be skeer, be very, very skeerd statement.  With only having two feet, I thought he’d run out of them to insert into his mouth.

Here’s a giggle-fest:

Cindy Sheehan claims her campaign against Pelosi being sabotaged…

Yeah, by her lack of sense, nut-job status, and her inability to realize that she is yesterday’s news, you’d think she’d realize that her fickle friends are on to other causes now.

Colin Powell splits with son over White House race

So what?  Colin Powell has never been all that “conservative” and his son is adult.  Seriously, was anyone surprised by Powell’s endorsement of Obama?

Okay, okay….I’ll include a couple of non-politician types:

Sean Penn visits Venezuela’s Chavez for 2nd time…

Tasty waves and cool buds?

Guy Ritchie believes Madonna is spying on him…

Uh, dude?  That’s what you get for marrying a complete and utter whack-job, control freak.  What were you thinking?  I mean if all of those other guys that had her didn’t want her anymore….

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