All-American Manliness: Nevada

Today, I have looked to Nevada for some manitude.  Well, it was a little harder than I thought.  I didn’t want to admit the mad crush I had on Andre Agassi back in the day, so I passed over him.  Instead, I decided to focus on one of my favorite rock voices.  I have to admit, I like him more than the band itself, but whatcha gonna do?  Who is he?  Mark Slaughter of his namesake band, Slaughter.

He’s actually quite a talented guy.  His vocal range is crazy.  He is able to compose music and has continually carved out a career for himself:  From what I’ve heard, he’s a nice guy, too.

Mark Slaughter currently works as a voice-over actor and composes music for television, movies, and sports outlets. Slaughter’s current credits include the ongoing music compositions for Fox Sports[3], along with voice over ventures in productions like Batman Beyond, Bloodsport, and Animaniacs.

(H/T: Widipedia)

“Fly to the Angels”–Slaughter
acoustic version

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